The Kirkpatrick Family

The Kirkpatrick family has a long history in Oklahoma. Lewis M. Spencer with his brother Augustus founded Yukon, Oklahoma in the 1890s. L. M. and Mary Julia (Siceluff) Spencer’s daughter Claudia married Dr. Elmer Ellsworth Kirkpatrick, one of the first licensed dentists in Oklahoma Territory. Dr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s children grew up in Oklahoma City and attended its public schools. Later in life even after family members started homes outside Oklahoma’s borders, their values and service could be traced to their roots in places like Idabell, Tulsa, Yukon, and Oklahoma City.

All four of the brothers—Lewis Spencer, Elmer E. “Kirk”, John, Claude– attended military academies. Spencer and Elmer graduated from the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York while John and Claude graduated from The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Their sister, Mary Elizabeth would eventually marry John Dean “J. D.” Moorman, a West Point graduate. Each family member made valiant contributions both before and during the Second World War with Spencer Kirkpatrick and J. D. Moorman making the ultimate sacrifice. In addition, spouses and their children at home were active both in volunteer organization and other home-based war efforts. After the war, the surviving family members continued the Kirkpatrick legacy in a variety of businesses, non-profit organizations, and military service. Their contributions thrive today in the lives of their children and grandchildren living in Oklahoma, across the United States and around the world.

The Family Archive

John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick, known for their personal and philanthropic involvement, supported countless charitable, civic and cultural causes. The Kirkpatrick Family Archive began as a way to preserve their family letters, photographs, and artifacts and to share those materials with the Oklahoma Historical Society. With the generous contributions over the years by all family members, the Archive has expanded to include new material from all generations which greatly enhances the details of the Kirkpatrick story.

The Archive is supported by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund and the Oklahoma Historical Society. It proudly joins its narrative with the greater story of Oklahoma and Oklahomans who, like the Kirkpatrick family, have had an impact around the world.