Welcome to the Kirkpatrick Family Archive

In partnership with the Oklahoma Historical Society, the Kirkpatrick Family Archive has preserved original pictures, letters, and historical artifacts that tell the story of one of Oklahoma’s most important families. We invite you to learn about their lives: enduring times of war and peace, building businesses and families, and shaping history and communities across generations.

The Kirkpatrick family has a long history in Oklahoma.

From their earliest pioneering days, the journey for the Kirkpatrick family has led west towards the Territory of Oklahoma. The burgeoning opportunities in commerce and society established the state as the family’s true home, beginning with the founding of the city of Yukon.

The Archive has expanded to include new material.

Since its founding by Christian Keesee and collaboration with the Oklahoma Historical Society, the Archive sought ways to include material that reflects the family narrative and how it relates to Oklahoma’s history and impacts all facets of the state’s diverse communities.

Telling the greater story of Oklahoma and Oklahomans.

With ever-growing technology, the Archive continues through precision imagining and careful investigation to make its resources available among professional and amateur historians, genealogists, and curious enthusiasts everywhere.

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