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The Kirkpatrick family has a long history in Oklahoma. Lewis M. Spencer with his brother Augustus founded Yukon, Oklahoma in the 1890s. L. M. and Mary Julia (Siceluff) Spencer’s daughter Claudia married Dr. Elmer Ellsworth Kirkpatrick, one of the first licensed dentists in Oklahoma Territory. Dr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s children grew up in Oklahoma City and attended its public schools. Later in life even after family members started homes outside Oklahoma’s borders, their values and service could be traced to their roots in places like Idabell, Tulsa, Yukon, and Oklahoma City.

Elmer Ellsworth Kirkpatrick was born April 11, 1867 in Bardolph, Illinois, McDonough County. His parents were John Elson Kirkpatrick (1829-1916) and Mary Elizabeth Gibbony (1834-1917). He was the fourth son and sixth child in a family of eight siblings. Learn More

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Helene Claudia Spencer was born July 16, 1875 in Dallas, Texas to Lewis Mortimer and Mary Julia “Mollie” (Siceluff) Spencer.  She was the only child of her parents who moved to Oklahoma Territory, in the area that later became the town of Yukon, Oklahoma. Learn More

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Joan Elson Kirkpatrick

Dr. Elmer E. Kirkpatrick

On April 11th, 1867, Elmer Ellsworth Kirkpatrick entered the world in Bardolph, Illinois. He was welcomed by his parents John Elson Kirkpatrick and Mary Elizabeth Gibbony as their fourth son and sixth child – joining seven other siblings already part of the family. It is believed that Dr. E.E Kirkpatrick was the organizer of Oklahoma Territory’s first-ever dental supply house, located at 100 ½ Main (as per R. E. Hackman’s Oklahoma City Directory from 1902). Beginning in 1903, however, he began to list himself solely as a dentist in the directory.

Helene Claudia Spencer Kirkpatrick

On July 16, 1875, Helene Claudia Spencer was born to Lewis Mortimer and Mary Julia “Mollie” (Siceluff) Spencer in Dallas, Texas. Her parents later migrated with her to the Oklahoma Territory area where Augustus Newton Spencer—her uncle who constructed a railroad there—and her father named and planned out the town of Yukon in 1891. Helene was their only child.

Lewis Spencer Kirkpatrick

On May 15, 1901, Lewis Spencer Kirkpatrick made his grand entrance as the firstborn child of Dr. Elmer E. and Claudia (Spencer) Kirkpatrick in Oklahoma City. He attended McKinley Elementary School and then Central High School with excellence that would eventually pave the way for him to set an example for his younger brother John; from riding bikes on a newspaper route to being part of Boy Scouts America – Spencer inspired them all. While in high school, Spencer was a football team and debating society member before graduating in 1920. He also spent his summers as a section hand on the Colorado Midland Railway.

Elmer Ellsworth Kirkpatrick, Jr.

On August 17, 1905, Elmer Ellsworth Kirkpatrick Jr. entered the world in Yukon, Oklahoma–the home of his beloved grandparents. He was brought into this life by Dr. Elmer E and Mrs Helene Claudia (Spencer) Kirkpatrick as their second son born to them both. During World War I, Elmer attended Central High School in Oklahoma City and joined the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps as a freshman. His outstanding service earned him the rank of corporal where he acted as both a gunner and Battery clerk for 189 Field Artillery with the Oklahoma National Guard. Prior to enlisting, he had already received an education at McKinley Elementary school. During his years of schooling, Elmer dedicated himself to a variety of jobs at People’s Drug Store, Owen Drug and Jerome Cohen’s tire shop. His hard work paid off as he proudly graduated in 1924.

John Elson Kirkpatrick

On the thirteenth of February in 1908, John Elson Kirkpatrick arrived into this world amidst Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was the youngest son to Dr. Elmer E. and Mrs. Helene Claudia (Spencer) Kirkpatrick; thus commencing his long-lasting legacy that would span generations thereafter. Having attended McKinley Elementary, Webster Junior High, Classen Junior High and later graduating from Oklahoma High School (now Central High School) in 1925 – John alongside his brother Elmer E., took part in a milestone moment – their entrance into the United States Military Academy at West Point… Together they wrote history & opened doors for others like no other.

Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick

Born on March 10th, 1909 in Mangum, Oklahoma to Mack and Kathryn (Talbott) Blake, Mary Eleanor Blake moved with her family to Oklahoma City at the tender age of one. She completed her elementary education at McKinley and Eugene Field Schools before shifting to Lawton for high school. Subsequently enrolling in Washington D.C.’s esteemed Miss Madeira’s School for further secondary learning, Eleanor excelled throughout her educational journey. In the Autumn of 1926, she began her studies at Fontaine School for Girls located in Villa Montmorency in Cannes, France. The following year was a landmark one for this young woman as she started school at the University of Oklahoma and pledged to Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. From September 1927 to May 1929, she prospectively earned an education there before continuing on with other endeavors.

Claude Siceluff Kirkpatrick

Claude Siceluff Kirkpatrick began a remarkable career in the Navy spanning from 1930 to 1962, starting out with commanding numerous ships and eventually being affiliated with the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project. During his service he was based in Miami, Florida helping train submariners in warfare tactics. After his naval career, Claude was appointed Naval Attaché at the U.S Embassy in Japan and eventually retired with his wife Elizabeth Ann Kirkpatrick née Bole to Hillsborough, California. It wasn’t until 1985 that he peacefully passed away in Sunnyvale, California following a long life of service.

Mary Kirkpatrick Moorman Dailey

On March 16, 1918, in Oklahoma City, the Kirkpatrick family welcomed their youngest daughter and only female child — Mary Elizabeth. She was Elmer Ellsworth and Helen Claudia (Spencer) Kirkpatrick’s fifth offspring among four boys: Spencer, Elmer, John, and Claude. The Kirkpatricks were overjoyed at her arrival. After completing her initial three years of high school in Oklahoma City, she relocated to New York to stay with her brother and his wife. She took advantage of the opportunity and graduated from Highland Falls High School in 1935. Subsequently rewarded for her hard work, she was granted a scholarship to Cornell University as well as won first place at a typing contest in the state of New York.
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